Loopy Created by Brian Kent

Thanks for Downloading Loopy.

This Font is best printed at 18pt or above.


To use this Font you have to use a LOOP Character
{ which are -+()<> SPACE and _ }
then you use a regular Alphanumeric Character
{ Aa to Zz, 0 to 9, and ?&!@ }
then repeat the process, to type out a string of text.
Here's an example: (-I+NI>N

Here's a description of each LOOP Character:

( and ) are End Caps for the Loop, they close the Loop.

- is a single Loop.

+ is the same as the single Loop but it also has small loops on the
top and bottom of it.

< is the same as the single Loop but it also has a small loop on the
top of it.

> is the same as the single Loop but it also has a small loop on the
bottom of it.

SPACE the Space(bar) is used to make a Blank Loop.
{ For example (-A- -Z) would make A in a loop, a Blank loop, then
Z in a loop }.

_ (underscore) is only used for when you just want to use the
Alphanumeric Characters and NO Loops. { For Example _T_e_s_t }.
If you just use Alphanumeric Characters, the Characters will just
overlap each other.

>>>Take a look at the image file (loopyINFO.gif) included with the
Font for a visual explanation of the Info above.<<<

If you have any questions or comments, you can e-mail me at

You can visit my Homepage <ÆNIGMA GAMES & FONTS> at

!!! NOTE !!!
This font has been updated! I've edited the (BRK) in the font name
to just BRK. It seems that Adobe Illustrator and web pages with CSS
don't like fonts with ( and ) in their name.

There's a couple of ways to install Fonts. The 'easy' way to
install fonts is to just Unzip/place the font file [.ttf] into your
Windows\Fonts directory (I always use this method). If you're unable
to do it the 'easy' way, then try to do it this way (for Windows

1] Unzip the Font(s) to a folder (or somewhere, just remember where
you unzipped it) on your Computer.

2] Next, click on the START button, then select SETTINGS then

3] When the Control Panel Window pops up, Double Click on FONTS.

4] When the FONTS window pops up, select File then Install New Font...

5] A Add Fonts window will pop up, just go to the folder that you
unzipped the Font(s) to, select the Font(s) and then click on OK.
Now the Font(s) are installed.

Now you can use the Font(s) in programs the utilize Fonts. Make
sure that you install the font(s) first, then open up your apps
(so the app will recognize the font). Sometimes you'll have to
wait until you computer 'auto-refreshes' for programs to recognize
fonts (Windows is sometimes slow to do that). You can refresh your
computer quicker by going into Windows Explorer -or- My Computer and
press F5 (or in the menubar select VIEW then REFRESH).

-The font(s) in this zip file were created by me (Brian Kent). All
of my Fonts are Freeware, you can use them any way you want to
(Personal use, Commercial use, or whatever).

-If you have a Font related site and would like to offer my fonts on
your site, go right ahead. All I ask is that you keep this text file
intact with the Font.

-You may not Sell or Distribute my Fonts for profit or alter them in
any way without asking me first. [e-mail - kentpw@norwich.net]