MachaCow is copyright 1999 Antonio Bucu. All rights reserved.

Thanks to Nate Piekos of Blambotfonts, I was able to create my very first "true" SFX font. As for the name, it was derived from the name "matsakaw", a local favorite treat among kids. Matsakaw is actually biscuits made from day-old bread and re-baked into crunchy, bite-sized cookies laden with margarine and sugar. As for the reason behind naming the font as such, I had this expression way back my agency days that goes "WaChaKa, MachaCow, BuchiKick", complete with Jacky Chan martial-arts emulation. So there.

The font is freeware, as a show of support for indie comic creators, although I would appreciate "donations" so I can create more typefaces (and hopefully, produce my own comic). Also I would appreciate a byline if ever you do use my fonts and get published.

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